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The System Z Training Program at Touro College, under the Graduate School of Technology (GST), provides graduate-level students with the skills they need to succeed in careers working with IBM’s z/OS platform as Applications and Systems Programmers.  Currently, both beginning and advanced IBM COBOL courses are offered, which not only include basic and advanced COBOL programming, but also fluency in IBM z/OS basics.  The New Mainframe, z/OS File Systems, Job Control Language(JCL), ISPF and SDSF topics are covered.  Our professors have decades of corporate experience on the z/OS platform, and are skilled in IT training as well.

COBOL Programmers are in high demand in large corporations, government, insurance, banks, health care and education.

Programming in COBOL will be around for many years to come. Great choice for those seeking job stability.

Employers are waiting to hire COBOL programmers with fundamental skills in a z/OS environment.

Many employers are willing to sponsor H-1B Status.

A new sequence of 2 courses of programming in COBOL, offered by the Graduate School of Technology as part of your master's degree is all that you need.

Current students with any major can take these courses as electives!

Familiarity with programming is preferable.

Read about it in the Touro GST techspec blog "Is COBOL really dead?"


Jack Romano
Program Director
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Hear more about this new Initiative from our Chief of Staff, Jay Lefkowitz.