workshop: Game design for all

Design / Playtest / Iterate : the game design cycle is how games are made.

Al Doyle

Video Game Design is one of the most difficult things to do. Until now. DoodleMatic is a revolutionary new App which turns drawings into Video Games. Using DoodleMatic as a rapid prototyping tool, participants will experience the game design cycle through the process of designing games, playtesting and refining their games. Several types of games will be designed.

Professor Doyle has been teaching with technology in public and private k-12 schools, colleges, and museums for over three decades. For the last decade, Al Doyle has been teaching video game design through beta-testing and launching several educational game design platforms.

Participants will be able to draw a design for a video game and then take a picture of their drawing in the Doodlematic App to turn their drawing into a playable video game.

“Doodlematic Makes Learning Fun”

Open to college students and graduates interested in further study. Pizza supper will be provided.

Registration fee: $20 (Fee waived for GST Students/Alumni - Those who qualify should contact Nataliya Klymenko by email to receive a waiver code.)

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Seating is limited.

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6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

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