Enroll in a 33-credit ONLINE Master of Science in Instructional Technology program, and earn your professional teaching certificate as an Educational Technology Specialist. This certification and degree qualifies you to serve as a computer lab teacher, computer cluster teacher or technology staff developer, and also qualifies for a salary differential. The program is available either FULLY ONLINE or fully in person.

Students have the choice to study either 100 percent online or 100 percent in person.  The advantage of our synchronous online classes over asynchronous online classes offered by many other schools: our students stream the classes in real time from home or work, as full participants in the live class.  All classes take place after 5 pm to be convenient for full-time teachers.  All you need is an internet connection and your favorite device.


Asst. Program Director

Marekh Chikadze 
(212) 463-0400 x 55248 

Hear more about this new Initiative from our Chief of Staff, Jay Lefkowitz.